Great Managers – Born or Bred?

05 Jul


The pressing issue…

The ‘accidental’ and/or ‘reluctant’ manager – it’s a frightening thought.  Sadly, it is really happening to UK plc.  Managers have worked hard to be where they are. It may not have been easy but they have earned their title, their promotion, and believe they will continue to achieve great things.  Right?

…Wrong! Unfortunately, most managers are just thrown into the role. They are expected to overcome challenges such as how to lead a team effectively, to solve people and process problems, make critical decisions and are also required to manage their own performance and the performance of their team.

Such skills are not usually taught, they are too often realised through trial and error.

In short, being a great manager is not inherent.

The proven solution…

Catalyst Business Academy offers the solutions to these problems.

Let us train and develop your managers to be the best they can be!

Experience the Catalyst Business Academy…Think. Commit. Learn & Apply.

An invitation to attend…

It would be a great pleasure to welcome you to one of our FREE seminars to understand why Catalyst Accredited Leadership and Management programmes with the Institute of Leadership and Management are so valuable in the development of your managers for their teams and your organisation.

Seminar on 26th July

Our incentives for you…
£650 worth of benefits when you attend…

  • FREE seminar to explore the leadership issues facing all organisations and how to resolve them
  • FREE Motivational Insights™ report on hot buttons and key rewards
  • FREE Team Health Assessment™ for you and your team*
  • FREE £250 elective training session voucher±
  • FREE Personal Development Organiser
  • £250 voucher towards your first ILM Scheduled course
  • Learn how Catalyst Business Academy helps build leaders and managers to inspire professional excellence within your organisation
  • Full Seminar documentation
  • Networking opportunity
CIPDCatalyst Business Academy
CIPD Research Book Morning Seminar - 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Book Afternoon Seminar - 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM Developing Great Leaders and Managers - Seminar Schedule Seminar Schedule Morning Seminar Afternoon Seminar

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