Retain your young leaders through talent development

25 Jul


In 2009, Charles Handy, has long predicted the changing shape of businesses and the workplace, stated that our leaders in the future would be younger. In his view, the core enterprise would be led by individuals under the age of 40. His rationale is that as everything moves faster, you need to be fit enough physiologically to maintain that momentum.

The need for talent has been increasing year by year and one impact is that leaders will be taking on responsibility at a younger age.

If a business wants to have the best management and team leaders it is vital that they all possess excellent leadership skills such as the ability to work with people, to motivate others, provide negative and positive feedback, encourage their teams to strive for their targets as well as other aspects of the role. These are attributes that are not always inherent in a person and in order to provide a management structure that is positive and objective leadership skills training can be a huge benefit.

Organisations that recognise the need for talent will do well to provide these young people with leadership opportunities earlier on than in previous generations, if only to ensure that they stay in the organisation.  This in conjunction with the utilisation of more  experienced individuals who can provide specialist know-how will help organisations maintain a competitive position.

For the full ILM article please click on this link:  Leaders of the future>>

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