Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?

24 Jan

Leading and managing really doesn’t have to be.

In fact it should be simple, once you know how. The only complicated thing about it is doing what you know. Being human is quite possibly our greatest strength, but also our largest downfall – we can forget to apply our knowledge, simply because at the time it is easier to do something else. It is often when we act on impulse that we cause the greatest complications.

Six easy steps for de-complexification:

  1. Learn about your team; who they are, how they work, what motivates them, what de-motivates them, how to spot what mood they are in. Your team is your greatest asset – if it works well then you will be able to achieve anything.
  2. When faced with a challenging situation, breathe, think…then act.
  3. Communication is key. Most problems are caused due to communication, and can be resolved through communication.
  4. Don’t leave a problem to stagnate – negativity breeds negativity. Sort out the issue before it causes another.
  5. Be aware – notice other people, listen to them, recognise their ideas and strengths, and use them!
  6. Over prepare, then go with the flow!

Catalyst provides both the ‘know’ and the ‘how’ so you can work towards making things just that little bit less complicated.

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