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Touch points to greater understanding

IIPImproving success, changing behaviour, protecting and growing your organisation and your people is what we set out to achieve.

We’re not prescriptive – and whilst we aim to offer ideas that can help make a positive impact to the success of your organisation and the wellbeing of your people – we also need your input.

We like to think that we act as a catalyst for change – to help create synergy for our clients, their organisation and their teams.

So if you have any comments you would like us to share in the next Catalyst Connections please email them to us.

The World of Learning & Development

What we do is not so difficult to understand – it’s just that it’s not always that easy to implement!

We believe that everyone wants to be the best they can be – and yet the reality is that the clarity of what ‘that is’ is not always clear and the will to invest in our people is not always secured.

When confronting any challenge, first we have to Get it, then we have to Learn and Understand it, then we Do something about it – actually applying our new found skills and knowledge and with more confidence, then we should Review it and Make sense of it!

And for most of us we have to prove the Return on Investment!

Part 1 – Let’s Get it!

Key Outcomes – Your organisation and your people matter

When we meet you as Learning & Development specialists, the same issues constantly emerge…

Leadership, Management, Communication Skills, Team Skills, Motivation, Change…

And the same sort of terminology is used like engagement, coaching, talent…

And aren’t we all so unique!

The reality is that the vision and values of an organisation aren’t always matched by the people skills or motivation to meet the organisational goals.

Whether it be a skills gap or a motivational issue we believe it’s your managers who play the most critical role in implementing the vision – and gaining the key outcomes you all seek.

Protecting and Growing – Your organisation and your people

We’re told that by far the biggest skill shortfall is leadership and management. In fact a recent report suggests that 75% of us are ‘accidental managers’. We’re often very good at our job and then find ourselves promoted internally without ever receiving any training on how to manage resources or people responsibly.

Developing your managers may well be the fastest way to protect and grow your organisation and its people. It’s certainly one of the key elements of engagement.

We find that once we’ve all got it – the strategic need and the understanding of what needs to be done for the organisations people – we can then do something about it!

If you would like to contribute to this debate, to meet at a Catalyst Connections Forum – drop us a line.

Next time we’ll be looking at Learning and Understanding in a safe, training environment. Your input before we email is welcome.

Best wishes

Nick Horan
Coaching Skills Director

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