Our Accreditations

ILMInstitute of Leadership and Management 

As an ILM Accredited Centre with direct claim status we offer managers and leaders the opportunity to acquire national recognition for their learning and development achievements.In addition we can further tailor your programmes – focused and personalised to meet exact organisational and individual needs.

Awards from level 2 to 7.

City & GuildsCity & Guilds 

City & Guilds Group is the UK’s leading vocational awarding organisation who employ over 1000 people and award 1.9 million certificates each year. Awards at level 2 and 3.

Team Health Assessment™Team Health Assessment™ – for building successful teams! 

An online, practical and effective tool designed to ask the questions needed when considering how to develop teams to be the best they can be.

Motivational Insights™Motivational Insights™ – engaging for success 

A unique tool to measure, understand, and maximise motivation in the workplace.

PRINCE2Catalyst Professional Trainer Accreditation 

Offering fast-track Professional Trainer Accreditation with assignments for the occasional and developing trainer at foundation and certificate level.

Alchemy for ManagersPeople Alchemy 

People Alchemy is a comprehensive online resource of management tools, tips methods, and practical information. It provides the day-to-day support that almost all managers require for the better performance of their role.


Through ‘best of breed’ training partners, we provide Prince2 accreditations.


Vark is a questionnaire that asks learners questions that gives Catalyst a profile of their learning preferences. Vark categorises learning styles into the following categories, visual, kinesthetic, aural or read/write. Once these styles are determined, training and coaching can be customised to suit each individual creating more valuable learning experience.


Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing in the UK and internationally.


People assessments which empower business leaders to transform the performance of their teams and individuals.

IIPCatalyst is an Investor in People 

Our commitment to the ‘Investor in People’ standard demonstrates our attitude towards your business and ours; that the continual development of people is key to business success.


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