Our Course Directory

Bands 1 - 4

Active Knowledge Bites™
Basic Report Writing
Being Assertive
Conflict Resolution
Coping with Pressure
Effective Minute Taking
Improving Personal Success
Presentation Skills
Successful Communication Skills
Supervisory Skills
Time Management
Half Day Courses
Professional Telephone Skills
One Day Courses
Being Assertive
Communicating Assertively
Conflict Resolution
Coping with Pressure at Work
Effective Communication
Effective Minute Taking
Managing Change
Negotiation Skills
Presentation Skills
Professional Telephone Skills
Successful Selling
Time Management
Using Emotional Intelligence at Work
Written Communications
Two  Day Courses
Improving Personal Success
Presentation Skills with Powerpoint
Report Writing
Supervision and Team Leading
IT Skills
Social Media
Im On LinkedIn, but…
Introduction To Social Media For Business
Microsoft Access
Access VBA
Microsoft Access 2000 Fundamentals
Microsoft Access 2000 Specialised
Microsoft Access 2002 Fundamentals
Microsoft Access 2002 Specialised
Microsoft Access 2003 Fundamentals
Microsoft Access 2003 Specialised
Microsoft Access 2007 Fundamentals
Microsoft Access 2007 Specialised
Microsoft Access 2010 Fundamentals
Microsoft Access 2010 Specialised
Microsoft Excel
Excel VBA
Microsoft Excel 2000 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2000 Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel 2000 Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2002 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2002 Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel 2002 Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2003 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2003 Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel 2003 Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2007 Advanced
Microsoft Excel 2007 Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel 2007 Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2010 Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced
Microsoft Frontpage
Microsoft Frontpage 2002 Fundamentals
Microsoft Frontpage 2003 Fundamentals
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook 2002 Fundamentals
Microsoft Outlook 2003 Fundamentals
Microsoft Outlook 2007 Fundamentals
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 Fundamentals
Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 Specialised
Microsoft Powerpoint 2002 Fundamentals
Microsoft Powerpoint 2002 Specialised
Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 Fundamentals
Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 Specialised
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Fundamentals
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Specialised
Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Fundamentals
Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Specialised
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project 2000 Level 1
Microsoft Project 2000 Level 2
Microsoft Project 2002 Level 1
Microsoft Project 2002 Level 2
Microsoft Project 2003 Level 1
Microsoft Project 2003 Level 2
Microsoft Project 2007 Level 1
Microsoft Project 2007 Level 2
Microsoft Project 2010 Fundamentals
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Visio 2002 Fundamentals
Microsoft Visio 2002 Specialised
Microsoft Visio 2003 Fundamentals
Microsoft Visio 2003 Specialised
Microsoft Visio 2007 Fundamentals
Microsoft Visio 2007 Specialised
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word 2000 Advanced
Microsoft Word 2000 Fundamentals
Microsoft Word 2000 Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2002 Advanced
Microsoft Word 2002 Fundamentals
Microsoft Word 2002 Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2003 Advanced
Microsoft Word 2003 Fundamentals
Microsoft Word 2003 Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced
Microsoft Word 2007 Fundamentals
Microsoft Word 2007 Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2010 Fundamentals
Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced
Other Courses
Adobe Acrobat – Introduction
Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 and XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2003
Crystal Reports XI: Level 1
Crystal Reports XI: Level 2
Discovering Sharepoint
Excel For Finance
Excel VBA 1 day
Excel VBA 2 day
Introduction to Windows & Basic Excel
Introduction to Windows Vista
Introduction to Windows XP
Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007
Implementing Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 including ISA 2006 updates
Touch Typing and basic keyboard skills
Visio Standard Introduction
Active Knowledge Bites™
Building a winning team
Creating Better Performance
Creative Solutions
Delegate, Develop, Achieve
Effective Recruitment and Selection
Emotional Intelligence
Inspirational Leadership
Investigatory Training – Disciplinary or Grievance
Managing Change for Positive outcomes
Managing Meetings
Motivate, Activate
Objective Setting
Resolving Performance Issues
Successful Appraisal Skills
Team Health Audit
Half Day Courses
Action-Centred Leadership – The Role of the Leader
Action-Centred Leadership – Managing Individuals
Action-Centred Leadership – Managing the Team
Action-Centred Leadership – Achieving the Task
Giving feedback with Emotional Intelligence
Interviewing Techniques
Leader as Coach
Team Building
Time Management – Half Day
One – Day Courses
Appraisal Skills And Performance Reviews
Change Management
Conflict Resolution
Coping With Pressure at Work
Effective Communication
Effective Recruitment and Selection
Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness for team leaders
Facilitation Skills
Improve Personal Success
Interviewing Techniques
Introduction to Events Management
Leadership Skills
Leadership Workshops
Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace
Managing Change for Positive outcomes
Managing Performance
Maximising Team Performance
Recruitment and Induction
Resolving Performance Issues
RIPH Level 1 Certificate in Hazard Awareness
Written Communication for managers
Two Day Courses
Belbin Team Role Accreditation
Coaching Skills for managers
Communicating Assertively
Inspirational Leadership & Management Skills
Management Skills
Winning Negotiating Skills
ILM Accredited Courses
Catalyst ILM Level 2 Award in Team Leading
Catalyst ILM Level 3 Award in Management
Catalyst ILM Level 4 Award in Management
Catalyst ILM Level 5 Award in Management
Other Courses
Advanced Health and Safety Certificate
IOSH Managing Safely
IOSH Working Safely
Level 3 Intermediate Health and Safety Certificate
Customer Care
Active Knowledge Bites™
Confidence with Customers
Customer Care
One – Two Day Courses
Confidence with Customers
Communication and Customer Care Training Programme
Managing Customer Service
Equality & Diversity
Active Knowledge Bites™
Valuing Equality and Diversity
Half Day Courses
Valuing Equality and Diversity
One Day Courses
Valuing Equality and Diversity
Coaching Skills
Active Knowledge Bites™
Coaching for Success
One – Two Day Courses
Coaching Skills for Learning Mentors
Coaching Skills for Managers
ILM Endorsed Catalyst Coaching Accreditation
Motivational Maps
Core Coaching Skills
Motivational Maps Licensee Training
Core Coaching Skills & Motivational Maps Licensee Training
Project Management
Active Knowledge Bites™
Project Management
One – Two Day Courses
Introduction to Project Management
Project Management – The People and the Processes
PRINCE2™ Accredited Courses
PRINCE2™ Overview
PRINCE2™ Foundation
PRINCE2™ Practitioner
PRINCE2™ Conversion
PRINCE2™ RE-Registration
PRINCE2 for Practitioners
MSP – Managing Successful Programmes
MSP Advanced Practitioner
MSP Foundation Practitioner
Management of Risk (M_o_R)
Management of Risk (M_o_R) Practitioner
Active Knowledge Bites™
Budgeting & Forecasting
Financial Ratio Analysis
Understanding Working Capital
One Day Courses
Advanced Behavioural Finance
Behavioural Finance Trading Module
Behavioural Finance Sales Module
Behavioural Finance and Wealth Management
Finance for non-financial managers
Introduction to Behavioural Finance
Two Day Courses
Finance for non-financial managers
Post-Course Support
Action Plan Support Programme
Action Learning Sets
Catalyst Executive Coaching
Health, Safety & Wellbeing
Level 1 Certificate in Health and Safety at Work
Level 2 Certificate in Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment
Level 2 Certificate in Supervising Staff Safely
Level 2 Certificate in Fire Risk Assessment
Level 2 Certificate in Risk Assessment

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